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Let me tell you a little about me

My name is April

Hello Hello Hello


Hi there! Thanks for stopping by!

My name, if you hadn't already guessed it, is April.

It's pretty safe to say, I'm in my happy place when I'm given

the privilege of capturing peoples special moments.

pretty tall  |  occasionally blonde  |  a little daft  |  always creative

I love all fur babies

My heart belongs to a fur child


Mr Salter is My Penguin

Did you know that when a Penguin finds his or her Soulmate, they stay together for the rest of their lives?

Mr Salter, the man who make all this possible. If it wasn't for him pushing me to pursue my dreams I wouldn't get to meet all you lovely lot and capture all those precious moments.

Lego is for Life

One Brick at a time


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